Monday, September 29, 2008

successful weekend!

well we had a successful past weekend at church. so many people were very enthusiastic after hearing about our trip announcement. it means alot when people are there to support you. after the services we welcomed people to come and talk with us. we had an outpouring of people that came to see us at TVC Central (which is basically just a spot out in the lobby that information is available and various things are sold). we were there to talk with anyone who was interested in learning more about the trip and also to sell our africa 2009 t-shirts (a pic to come, if anyone is interested in purchasing one for $10, proceeds to go toward the trip). the kids did a great job, i am so proud of them and their dedication to the trip, they were very enthusiastic all weekend long. it is very inspiring to see people their age, in today's day and age, focusing their time and energy on something as important as giving back of themselves to the community.

*we will be promoting at the caledonia campus this upcoming weekend, to get our satellite campus involved with our trip as well.

much love,
audrey jane

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Megan said...

hey Audrey this is sooo cool that you get to go...i'm really happy for you! i wish i had signed up for it...i kinda regret not doin so...but there will be a time that i will be able to go just not this and the whole group are in my prayer....